Hear My Protest Dance

About Project 2021~ Introducing Jaye Allison the artist behind JADA Dance, creator of new film documentary works. Director – Jaye Allison, Charles Tyson Jr. Director – Jaye Allison, Charles Tyson Jr.


About Project A young girl leaves her country for a better life in America and, despite devastating losses, survives to find her true destiny. Writer Writer – Douglas May

NEWS FROM FUKUSHIMA: Meditation on an Under-Reported Catastrophe by a Poet

About Project The nuclear disaster in Fukushima set off three meltdowns. This film documents a theater piece, performed in San Francisco in 2017, by a multicultural cast, bringing together poetry, dance and music to explore the ideas of human error and suffering juxtaposed to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. Director Biography Yoshiaki Tago is a […]

Seth and Tia

Two patients, Seth and Tia develop a friendship during their stay in a mental institution. They decide to make a plan to break out, but they can’t do it alone,so they ally with an enemy patient named Gnarly Daren who helps them. Seth then betrays Daren by locking him in a cell so he can’t […]

Untold: Stories of a World War II Liberator

About Project A Liberator’s Daughter narrates World War II letters of her US military intelligence officer father who was assigned to interrogate Nazi prisoners of war, along with her mother’s wartime love letters and the memoirs of a Polish Holocaust Survivor. It is now in audio format (See website link) Director Biography Project Credits Deborah […]

Nameless Mist

About Project A lovecraftian interpretation of the place where I live Director Biography Director – Corrado Menegatti Project Credits Corrado Menegatti – Director Corrado Menegatti – Writer Corrado Menegatt – iProducer Corrado Menegatti – Key Cast

The Revenge of the Bride of Frankenstein

About Project The shocking secrets behind the infamous scientist who created monsters are revealed when he is finally held accountable for his actions by one of his own creations. Director Biography Artist, Writer, Musician, Indie FilmmakerAward winning author of “Little Ones” and “Nemesis,” Lovecraftian stories selected for publication as part of the annual micro-fiction contest […]

Life of Consequences

About Project When a man has to face the consequences of having caused a fatal accident, where does he turn? Seeking hope and support from those closest to him causes him to ponder his own mortality. He must make a choice to ease his own suffering and the suffering of others. Director Biography Eva Louis […]


About Project ‘The evil spirit of a Mother’s dead son lives on in an old doll in the attic but to stay that way, someone must pay!’ Director Biography Johnny is a motivated passionate award-winning filmmaker, always looking for new challenges and opportunities to push boundaries by never staying too long within one genre. His […]


About Project Breath is a neo-classical composition of great skill and fluency flows into the musical mind, like a soft gentle spring river through a revitalised forest glade, the energy here contains a wonderful sense of both gratitude and abundance ~ Steve Sheppard, OneWorldMusicRadio. This video is about the breath of God and the Universe […]