Call of the Void

About Project Half silent film, half narrated, CALL OF THE VOID is the journey of a man known as The Painter as he falls deep into the world of opium addiction. As his life begins to fall into a repetitive hell, he finds himself listening to voices of his past and future. As he spirals […]

Trust Me

About project Jim and Annie are celebrating 10 years of what he thinks is the perfect marriage, but her dark sexual secret from the past crashes violently into the present, leaving death and shattered lives. Writer Biography – Jonathan James Izard About I’m an award-winning journalist, my BBC Radio 4 documentary about trauma ‘Meeting the Man […]


About Project Phoebe McDuff has moved to new towns more times than she can count. After missing the bus on her first day of school, she’s surprised when one of her new neighbors, Summer Raine, offers her a ride, kickstarting something neither of them expected. Phoebe finds a friend in Summer that quickly grows to […]

Holding These Moments

About Project “Holding These Moments” is about loving a community so much that you never want to let it go. Seen through the eyes of one of the most popular bands in all of hardcore/punk, the film explores how friendships can transform into family. In early 2016, Dan Elswick embarked to document BANE’s final US […]

The Wait

About Project Percy returns to the same spot every day to sit, watch and wait. Come rain or shine he never falters from his task. Even when Thandi, the leader of his community, tries to convince him to abandon his post Percy’s determination never wavers. All he has to do is wait. Director Biography Rik […]


About project Retrograde is a series based on astrological disturbances during a Mercury Retrograde that follows Austin as he deals with the murder of his father, committed by his mother. Director Biography Max Decker comes from the world of acting. He was a series reg on All My Children and has guest starred on many […]

The Breast Kept Secret: A Breast Expose’

About Project Are Mammograms the BIGGEST scam ever perpetrated in medical history? You decide. The FDA, FCC and Mammography Radiologist tried to silence us, impeding on our First Amendment protections in our efforts to educate women, inspiring the creation of this film. In the film, surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, scientists, advocates…warn women of the truth that […]


About Project Paolo’s relatives are determined to reunite their nephew with his teenage love, Magdalena. To succeed, they must overcome a scheming coworker, Martin, and his gold-digging sister, Sarah. Writer Biography  Lynn H. Elliott – Writer I was born in Cardiff, Wales. My degrees are from Nottingham, England and the University of in Santa Barbara […]

Enter the Room

About Project A young adult (Brian) is visited by his brother, Jeremy, who needs a place to stay as he settles into his new city. The two polar opposite personalities begin to clash as Jeremy’s presence poses a threat to Brian’s way of life. Brian’s uptight personality and unreasonable living standards rub off on Jeremy, […]

Seven Thousand Souls

About Project Serbia alone had lost a third of its entire population in the Great War, almost half its men.This film talks about those that never returned home from the two biggest Austria-Hungarian prisoner camps on the territory of today’s Czech Republic – Jindřichovice and Broumov.A film that I owed to my nation.SEVEN THOUSAND SOULS […]