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The Soul of Sicily

About Project

The food we eat connects us to a vast web –from farmers to producers – involved in getting food from farm to fork. We probably don’t pause to think about it while eating an apple or cheese, but this global food system is central to some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Farmers are our most fragile link in this food chain.

Director Biography

Margie Raimondo writes about the intersection of food, agriculture and farming. Raimondo Studio is a production and creative studio based in Little Rock, Arkansas that specializes in heritage food and farm storytelling through film and cookbooks.
Executive Director, Margie Raimondo, writes about the intersection of food, agriculture and farming.

She is a chef, farmer, author, and filmmaker. Her roots trace back to Sicily and Campania. After spending a year living in Italy on farms, she wanted to tell the stories of the beautiful people, family traditions and land in Sicily. Her film, L’anima della Sicilia (The Soul of Sicily) shows how they are adapting to climate change, lack of biodiversity, and food insecurity in an uncertain world. The farmers want transformation without losing the old ways of life.

She and her partner, Chris, built a small urban farm and kitchen. She is keeping the traditions of farming and food preservation alive by offering Simply Sicilian cooking and canning classes and farm

Her first cookbook, Mangiamo, will be released in November 2022.

Project Credits

Margie Raimondo – Director

Margie Raimondo – Writer

Margie Raimondo – Producer

Elisabetta Zengaro – Producer
Coach Wade

David Craft – Producer

Patrick Green – Producer

Claudio Arestivo – Key Cast

Giuseppe Buonsangue – Key Cast

Giuseppe Burano – Key Cast

Mariella Ferrara – Key Cast

Giuseppe Grasso – Key Cast

Giovanni Guccione – Key Cast

Valentina Guccione Guccione – Key Cast

Fabrizia Lanza – Key Cast

Karen La Rosa – Key Cast

Luca Novello – Key Cast

Ivana Piccotto – Key Cast

Pierpaolo Puleo – Key Cast

Franco Vescera – Key Cast

Loredana Vivera – Key Cast

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