A Royal Marines Disposition

About Project One mans story about his experiences during the Falklands war Director Biography Filmmaker at Orange Sky Productions THE BOSS at MRE-Photography Artist at Plymouth College of Art THE BOSS at MATT ELLIOTT PHOTOGRAPHY Former wire guided death at 42 Commando Royal Marines Worked at Royal Marines Recruitment Went to Commando Training Centre Royal […]


About Project A young Hispanic woman is becomes part of a game by a young white privileged male and his friends. She is working in the corporate world and becomes prey to him and his friends because she won’t play nice within their game and it goes to far Writer – FRANK P MANCUSO

Once There Were Stories

About Project In this family drama, a Christmas of long ago, one of togetherness, family entertainment, and memorable stories, is told through the eyes of a grandfather, relegated to his spare room. His memories contrast with today’s Christmas with its packaged stories, distancing, and electronic distractions. Writer Biography I was born in Cardiff, Wales. My […]


A One-Women Play A true Italian-American story centered around family, food, and of course, drama, Agita is the coming-of-age story of first-generation New Jersey native writer, comedian, singer-songwriter, musician and actor Maryann Maisano. Set in the shadows of the George Washington Bridge, Agita recounts the joys and challenges of life in 1960s suburban America being […]

Wedding Day Script

Eric’s sister Jamie is finally getting married to the man of her dreams. Everything is going well until Jamie and Eric’s estranged abusive dad shows up, threatening to ruin this special day. Writer Biography My name is Cameron Hawkins. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma and am a recent graduate from Oklahoma City University. With a […]

The Maestro

About Project The Maestro is a loving tribute to the cult classics of the past, but also an exploration into deep philosophical issues about the nature of art. The tale of a genius provoked and pushed into madness and beyond, The Maestro tells the story of Arun, a composer and conductor who tried to make […]

Sudden Death

About Project A man, experiencing pain in his wrist, suffers a sudden heart attack. Director Biography Born in the United Kingdom in 1990, ever since he was a kid and first saw movies like RoboCop and The Terminator, Philip Brocklehurst has been a huge admirer and lover of movies, fascinated with the skill that goes […]

The Beast Of Love 2 – Trailer

About Project The trailer/teaser for Terry’s upcoming sequel – The Beast Of Love 2 Project Credits Terry Mills – Director Terry Mills – Writer Terry Mills – Producer Darryl Lee Wood – Score


NEVER GIVE UP Director Biography I have experience in 2d /3d Animation and CG/VFX layout for 15+ years . I also have experience in multitasking in various projects. I am currently working as a key layout Artist at MPC. I am self-motivated, and I thrive on the energy of team work and collaboration Projects Credits […]


About Project Audio Visual Poem, which tells about a woman who revisits memories through the body, elaborating internal life processes. Director Biography  Born in Pernambuco. Mother. Dancer by training.She feels the body, a place of impulse, knowledge and affections.Crossed by Dance, Cinema, Performance, Photography and Poetry, she sees in these intersections porous meeting points, movements […]