• Spirit of the Wolf

    About Project Returning home, a female Special Ops 'Nightstalker', suffers from PTSD, she flees to the mountains, is attacked by a wild boar, and learns how to heal body and

  • A Day in the Life of a Pig

    About project This pig has a regular 9 to 5 job! Director Biography Hannah, now 17, started animating at age 12. She has made two animations so far and has

  • Mayennie

    About Project LOGLINE She’s come from the past to reclaim the future of her colony. INTRODUCTION An African Fairy tale of love, hope and forgiveness: against her guardian's advice a

  • The Deputy

    Abaout Project When the bullied Deputy of a small town is put in charge after the Sheriff's tragic demise, he is pushed to his breaking point by the very people

  • Laurels

    About Project Two stories seem very different from each other, but they occur in very similar way. The first one shows us a pre-historic deer hunting, the second one shows


    About Project When an obese gay man loses weight, he must fight his former coping mechanism come to life — a physically perfect mirror image of himself — before it...

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    Danger Blob

    About Project A blob goes on a dangerous journey. Director Biography Matt Bissett-Johnson is an Australian animator and cartoonist. He wrote and animated for ABC music television show, Recovery, from...

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