Being A Dog

    About Project Tim is longing for love.He’s a lonely human being who struggles with exclusion every day. Every time Tim feels different than others he transforms into a french bulldog.Ginger...

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    Enter the Room

    About Project A young adult (Brian) is visited by his brother, Jeremy, who needs a place to stay as he settles into his new city. The two polar opposite personalities...

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    In the eyes of a child

    About Project Ivan, a young photographer boy, during a stop with a friend, relives his childhood by noticingthe house where he lived as a teenager. A cramped, unlivable place, the...

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    About Project 3 Themes of Unlimited Love, Karma and Transformation3 different relationships exploring 3 types of Karma. A Short film answering the question: What is Karma? Is it good, evil...

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    A magazine or a newspaper is a shop. Each is an experiment and represents a new focus, a new ratio between commerce and intellect.

     – John Jay Chapman

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