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3 Themes of Unlimited Love, Karma and Transformation
3 different relationships exploring 3 types of Karma. A Short film answering the question: What is Karma? Is it good, evil or?

Director Biography 

Nelson Santiago Beltran is an actor, screenwriter and film editor with a strong interest in Coming of Age, Action Thrillers, Romantic Comedies and Dramedy. His work has been influenced by John Hughes, David O’ Russell, Josh Becker, Joel Paul Reisig, Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Les Ward, and many others. He loves to put his audience and readers into the Philosophical, Humorous, Lucid Dreamy and Heroic Realms. Being a very lucky man, he attended the Elmore Leonard Film Festival in 2011 at the Community Care House in Birmingham, Michigan and got trained in writing with about one hundred other Michigan Filmmakers. After briefly speaking with Elmore, he was inspired to become an author and writer. We were trained on the habits of being a great writer and author. Elmore Leonard coached people to achieve being great writers. Nelson aspires to achieve the next level. He spent 5 years running an Improvisational Theatre Group called” Comedy Mart” at CMN TV in Troy, Michigan with Producer Arthur Surprenant. He’s working on a series of Short Films and in the process of completing & developing his screenplays. He often quotes the legendary Brazilian author “Paulo Coelho” as being behind his vocation in Creative Writing. He loves watching funny sitcoms such as Three’s Company, Entourage or great films such as Dances With Wolves and learning from great actors & actresses in their extraordinary performances. He collects bibles and screenplays. He completed his 1st Coming of Age screenplay Wabi Sabi. He completed Film, Finance & Distribution Training with Producer Joel Paul Reisig in the summer of 2013. He also completed a Comedy Drama titled Sushi Loves Sake in 2015. He cites his biggest achievement in life is his daughter, Natalie who’s pursuing Nursing at the university. He is the son of Dr. Magdalena Beltran and Engineer, Benedicto C. Beltran from the Philippines. He has one brother, Vladimir; an automotive engineer

Project Credits

Nelson Santiago Beltran – Director

Amanda RedwineDirector

Nelson Santiago BeltranWriter

David ShapiroProducer

Arthur SurprenantProducer

Nelson Santiago BeltranKey Cast”Matt”

Tracy St GermainKey Cast”Taylor”

David ShapiroKey Cast”Chris”

Jeff DameronKey Cast”Nelson”

Taylor St GermainKey Cast”Thai”

Sheri KleinKey Cast”Isabella”

Chris LicataKey Cast”Joe”

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