My Choice

About Project A bird’s-eye view of the March for Women’s Lives in Washington DC, 2004 where filmmaker Patricia Mooney was one of very few people with a professional video camera and tripod, and the ability to be front and center on both stages. Featuring Whoopi Goldberg, Kathleen Turner, Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Kathy Najimy, Tyne […]

Journey To Reformation

About Project Jeff was an atheist, and midnight film director. 10 years later, he is in the ministry and making films that align with his Christian faith. This is his journey and testimony. Director Biography Jeffrey Scott Richards – Director Jeffrey Richards is a 44 year old director, actor, screenwriter, Christian apologist, theologian and activist […]

Magic Mountain

About Project Upon descending Magic Mountain, a single celled animal is chased by a bizarre flying monster. Director Biography Matt Bissett-Johnson is an Australian animator and cartoonist. He wrote and animated for ABC music television show, Recovery, from 1998-2000. He records all the music for his short films.He submits animations to festivals, and in 2020, […]

Light Em’ Up

About Project When survival is determined by a ticking fuse, a rogue team of experts brings the fire. Officer Harris and her bomb squad pyros defend the public from dangerous murders when they are in fact facing a perilous stalker themselves. Harris and McKenzie, her professional and romantic partner, are in search of who they […]


About Project All elements are AI produced MUSIC VIDEO. Midjourney AI makes these girls, CREEVO song Writing AI project by KYOTO UNIVERSITY JAPAN makes this song and sing , D-ID project site makes these girls animated to sing . and I just edit them.LoL!And this film is an advertisement for the movie URBANCROW to be […]

Asleep Blinking

About Project A last minute cancellation allows Mark Ritter, a newly married business man, to start his vacation early. But while traveling on a dark road out of town, he begins to experience strange phenomena which leave him wondering: Am I dead? Director Biography Michael Alexander Lopez produces, edits, writes and directs films in Fresno, […]

I’m Your Woman

About Project After a long night of wine & dine Lionel wakes up from a pleasant slumber to discover the woman besides him is not who he expected it to be. Director Biography Director, Editor, Content Creator, Choreographer, Illustrator, Swapnil was born in Mumbai and began his early career as a dancer. However he was […]

The Dark Horse of Suffragettes

Aboout Project In 2020, during lock down in the UK, Barbara, an ardent campaigner for Women’s Rights for over 20 years, discovered a neglected old building: Dorset Hall in Wimbledon. After further research, Barbara realized why the building was calling to her for help as it unraveled that the building was a famous refuge for […]


About Project In the short film: “Constante”, a man, named Paulo, begins to experience some supernatural stuff. These experiences seem to be directly linked to Paulo’s personal life. Including his most hidden traumas that will be revealed throughout the film. Director Biography Director – João Tiexeira Project Credits João Tiexeira – DirectorMorior Invictus João Teixeira – […]


About Project Based upon Henrik Ibsen’s famous play, The Lady From The Sea. It’s set in a timeless period shot south of Norway where Munch painted his masterpiece The Sun. We follow the journey of Ellida’s world of loss, love and passion, heightened with the compositions of Grammy winner Mark Thomas and cinematography of Bafta-nominated […]