• Motherland

    About Project It took 106 years before the United States formally recognized the Armenian Genocide of 1915 at the hands of the Ottoman Turks. On April 24,2021, President Joe Biden

  • The Soul of Sicily

    About Project The food we eat connects us to a vast web --from farmers to producers - involved in getting food from farm to fork. We probably don’t pause to

  • I’m Your Woman

    About Project After a long night of wine & dine Lionel wakes up from a pleasant slumber to discover the woman besides him is not who he expected it to

  • Mystery Hole

    About Project A creature with a trunk is chased into a hole leading to a mysterious world. Director Biography Matt Bissett-Johnson is an Australian animator and cartoonist. He wrote and

  • The Dark Horse of Suffragettes

    Aboout Project In 2020, during lock down in the UK, Barbara, an ardent campaigner for Women's Rights for over 20 years, discovered a neglected old building: Dorset Hall in Wimbledon.

    “Her Choice”

    About Project Thrown back in time, this story highlights the struggle between American women questioning their reproductive choice when the Catholic Church condemned the use of the Rhythm method and...

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    Borderline Justice

    About Project Rita Fuentes, a fiery, attractive Latina social worker introduces Martin Wilkins, a law-and-order judge, to the violent, politically charged world of power, money, illegals, and life for the...

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    About Project In the short film: “Constante”, a man, named Paulo, begins to experience some supernatural stuff. These experiences seem to be directly linked to Paulo’s personal life. Including his...

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