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“Her Choice”

About Project

Thrown back in time, this story highlights the struggle between American women questioning their reproductive choice when the Catholic Church condemned the use of the Rhythm method and all forms of contraception. This 1940s period drama highlights an untimely pregnancy threatening the life of the mother. It is part of a series on reproductive choice over the decades and the struggle women fight for control over their bodies.

Director Biography

Toni Crey is a NYU Writer/Director/Editor who has received grants from Georgia Council on the Arts, Fulton County Arts Council, Georgia Public Broadcasting, City of Atlanta Cultural Affairs, and Women In Film for her shorts seen at San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and Mill Valley Film Festivals, premiering on A&E’s “Short Stories”, and Europe television. Her current short, “Her Smart Choice” is produced through From The Heart Roy Dean Film Grant.

Project Credits

Toni L Crey – Director“Rest Stop”

Toni L Crey – Writer“Rest Stop”

Toni L Crey – Producer

Rebecca Kyler Downs – Key Cast”Anita”

Michael Moss – Key Cast”Sammy”RoboCop 3

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