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Back At It

About project

There are thousands of comedians in New York City, performing every night, working hard for laughs from the world’s toughest audience. What happens to them when the city that never sleeps grinds to a halt? When the comedy clubs close and no one is laughing? “Back At It” is a chronicle of the tumultuous summer of 2020 in New York, through the eyes of a diverse group of comedians who hustle to keep their comedy alive and to stand out from the throng. It follows them as they take to the streets, rooftops, and parks to entertain a city ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic. It asks how the art of standup changes when the traditional systems and established hierarchy no longer exist? Who will evolve and raise their voice?

Director Biography

Mikhail Karadimov is a Brooklyn-based, Ukrainian-born writer, director, producer, and editor for Tell Me I’m Pretty Pictures. He is wrapping up post-production on his debut feature-length documentary, ‘Back At It’, which is about the 2020 NYC stand-up scene as it was effected by the global pandemic.

Mikhail has been working in TV & movies since 2014, getting his start translating and assistant editing ESPN’s 30-for-30 documentary ‘Of Miracles and Men’. Since then, he has contributed to such true crime shows as ‘Homicide Hunter’, ‘Murder Chose Me’, and ‘In Pursuit with John Walsh’, has written and directed several short films, and edited marketing content for such companies as Netflix (‘Tick, Tick…Boom!’ and ‘Passing’), Razer, MONDO Music, and Epic Reading for Kids.

Mikhail is currently in pre-production on his follow-up documentary with Tell Me I’m Pretty Pictures, as well as polishing up a script he hopes to be his first narrative feature film.

Project Credits

Mikhail Karadimov – Director

Lee Keating Johnson – Producer

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