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Being A Dog

About Project

Tim is longing for love.
He’s a lonely human being who struggles with exclusion every day. Every time Tim feels different than others he transforms into a french bulldog.
Ginger makes Tim feel human. Ginger is an old friend of Tims whom he was in love with, unrequited love. Tim collides with Ginger in the street, they talk and become friends again. After meeting Ginger Tim becomes a dog again. This time he chooses to enjoy being a dog and sees all the possibilities of a dogs life. It’s good to be a human being but it’s good being a dog sometimes too.

Director Biography

Felix Swahn was born in Karlskrona 1993. He studied experiemental film and animation at AnimationsAkademien 2014-2016. He studied comics at Skarpnäck Folkhögskola 2016-2017. His illustrations and texts are published in magazines such as: 8-sidor, Intra, Ögonblick, Special Pedagogik. He has had 3 personal exhibitions and he has illustrated different books poetry, novels and children books. 2018-2020 He worked as an animator for two Architecture offices doing animation film for project presentations. Felix has studied Advanced 2D-animation at CG-Spectrum. Felix was born with Autism, he started to talk when he was five but he started to draw when he was two years old. He has many stories he wants to tell the world that needs to be told.

Project Credits

Felix Swahn – WriterBeing A Dog

Felix Swahn – DirectorBeing A Dog

Felix Swahn – ProducerBeing A Dog

Joakim Jennefors – Key Cast”Tim”Being A Dog

Mikaela Aardai Jennefors – Key Cast”Ginger”Being A Dog

Caspar Swahn – Music Compo serBeing A Dog

Henry Louie Lindén – Film EditorBeing A Dog

Fabian Roos – Sound Effect’sBeing A Dog

Max Philipsson – Sound MixerBeing A Dog

Felix Swahn – AnimatorBeing A Dog

Caspar Swahn – Special Thank’s to

Henry Louie Lindén – Special Thank’s to

Josef Fares – Special Thank’s to

Niklas Folkegård – Special Thank’s to

Niklas Djanieff – Special Thank’s to

Max Philipsson – Special Thank’s to

Vi Unga – Stockholm Stad – Special Thank’s to

Sundbybergs Folkhögskola – Special Thank’s to

Blender, 3D-animation in open source – Software Used

Tv-Paint 11 Standard Edition – Software Used

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