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The Breast Kept Secret: A Breast Expose’

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Are Mammograms the BIGGEST scam ever perpetrated in medical history? You decide. The FDA, FCC and Mammography Radiologist tried to silence us, impeding on our First Amendment protections in our efforts to educate women, inspiring the creation of this film. In the film, surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, scientists, advocates…warn women of the truth that is kept from them, causing grave harm and death. Studies conclude the risks mammograms pose far outweigh the benefits. Mammograms have not decreased the ultimate mortality rate, not even by 1% and 33% to over 50% of women are being over-diagnosed and over-treated. 3D Mammograms are CT scans utilizing more radiation and MRI utilizes toxic contrast agents. Are Breast Thermograms (Infrared Scans), self-Breast Exams, ultrasounds and/or Blood Tests better options? The multi-trillion dollar Breast Cancer Industry’s corporate driven, government sanctioned barbarism needs to be exposed so women can make educated decisions.

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When the FDA, FCC and local Mammography Radiologists attempted to silence our efforts to educate women regarding breast cancer prevention and safe Breast Health screening options, they set out on a quest to find out WHY? They discovered deadly corporate driven, government sanctioned practices that have devastated millions of lives. Their journey included interviewing courageous scientists, specialists, researchers, advocates, and doctors willing to expose the lies, collusion and barbarism of the current multi-trillion dollar Breast

Project Credits

Gaea Powell – Director
The Breast Kept Secret

Michael Punzalan – Producer
The Breast Kept Secret

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