Spirit of the Wolf

About Project Returning home, a female Special Ops ‘Nightstalker’, suffers from PTSD, she flees to the mountains, is attacked by a wild boar, and learns how to heal body and soul from two feral boys living with a wolfpack.

A Day in the Life of a Pig

About project This pig has a regular 9 to 5 job! Director Biography Hannah, now 17, started animating at age 12. She has made two animations so far and has three more on her list. Loving math, art, and (of course) animating, she is wondering if she would like to work at Pixar when she […]


About Project LOGLINE She’s come from the past to reclaim the future of her colony. INTRODUCTION An African Fairy tale of love, hope and forgiveness: against her guardian’s advice a young purple fairy, MAYENNIE, goes on a quest that will change her life and the fortunes of both humans and fairies forever. PITCH This story […]

The Deputy

Abaout Project When the bullied Deputy of a small town is put in charge after the Sheriff’s tragic demise, he is pushed to his breaking point by the very people he’s sworn to protect and must find it within himself to save the woman he loves from the family and the town that betrayed him. […]


About Project Two stories seem very different from each other, but they occur in very similar way. The first one shows us a pre-historic deer hunting, the second one shows us a footbal match for a golden cup. Pre-historic men and footbal players both reach their goals, but awards for their effort don’t have the […]

Love is love

About Project In a world with so much hate and discrimination we present “Love is Love” Director Biography Mike Trash has been writing & performing music since around 1981. He has been playing with Ken Wolfe from 1983- 2021 when he died tragically from Covid in October 27, 2021. Together they had 3 CDs and […]

Vital Idol

About Projec Its all about the Music. Every week live a different song By the Uncle $am Band, The Pilot is linked to the song “Start, Net the End” as we see someone lose everything and have to rebuilt his life Project Credits Mike Trash – Director Michael Bechtel – Writer Michael Bechtel – Producer […]

Win – Win

Mr. Pecunia is not happy with the height of his wife so he is looking for help from Dr. Mad who has magic potions for almost anything. Will Dr. Mad be able to help? Director Biography Aram Voves was born 1970 in Vienna into a family of performers and visual artists. Since he was eight […]

Queen of the Dead

About Project A female author retreats to her family home and discovers she is being watched by members of a cult that want to make her their leader. Director Biography As a kid, Justin Head grew up watching all kind of movies. However, it was the Universal Studios monster movies such as Dracula and Frankenstein […]

The Confession

About Project When a hit-and-run driver confesses to a priest at his victim’s funeral, he has no idea that the priest has another connection to the tragedy. Director Biography Emma Francis is a queer Ukrainian-American. She is currently enrolled at FSU’s College of Motion Picture Arts with a focus on Directing. Her passions beyond film include activism and […]