Call of the Void

About project Half silent film, half narrated, CALL OF THE VOID is the journey of a man known as The Painter as he falls deep into the world of opium addiction. As his life begins to fall into a repetitive hell, he finds himself listening to voices of his past and future. As he spirals […]


About Project Filippo Zoi is a 24-year-old with autism. Gifted with a remarkable artistic sensitivity which takes up most of his energy, every year he draws thousands of comic strips and illustrates the children’s stories that his father writes, with two successful books to his credit. But what seems to be the catalyst for all […]

The Wait

About Project Percy returns to the same spot every day to sit, watch and wait. Come rain or shine he never falters from his task. Even when Thandi, the leader of his community, tries to convince him to abandon his post Percy’s determination never wavers. All he has to do is wait. Director : Rik […]


About Project Phoebe McDuff has moved to new towns more times than she can count. After missing the bus on her first day of school, she’s surprised when one of her new neighbors, Summer Raine, offers her a ride, kickstarting something neither of them expected. Phoebe finds a friend in Summer that quickly grows to […]


About project Telenovela is a short film&video that accompanies the song Televonela by singer/songwriter March. Telenovela is about my tendency to overfeel and overthink everything. And about my love of hyperbolic metaphors. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the Pop Psychology 101 album, an electro-pop concoction with a splash of Spanish guitar, courtesy of […]

Back At It

About Project There are thousands of comedians in New York City, performing every night, working hard for laughs from the world’s toughest audience. What happens to them when the city that never sleeps grinds to a halt? When the comedy clubs close and no one is laughing? “Back At It” is a chronicle of the […]