About Project A Script based on the book, “Pieces” it is a story of a young lady plight regarding domestic violence, illicit drugs and death. It is told from a father prospective. Writer – David Arch Hatch

Light Em’ Up

About Project When survival is determined by a ticking fuse, a rogue team of experts brings the fire. Officer Harris and her bomb squad pyros defend the public from dangerous murders when they are in fact facing a perilous stalker themselves. Harris and McKenzie, her professional and romantic partner, are in search of who they […]

Not all is lost

About Project LOG-LINESocial media obsessed Ashley neglects her friends in real life to such an extent that she comes across the death of her friend via Facebook, which causes her to rethink. Low Budget short script! The set is all in one apartment. Easy to shoot. Woman lead character. POC, WOC, LBGTQ Synopsis:Born in New […]

The Dead of Winter

About project When a group of high school students attend a 24-hour event for charity at school during a blizzard, a series of murder begins occurring at night. Arisa, a cynical but intelligent student, investigates the killings and is determined to solve the mystery, but the truth that awaits may be more than what the […]

Something Unholy

About Project A journalist must come to terms with her fathers past when she begins investigating the mysterious disappearance of her sister and other young black girls who have gone missing in her town – and the sinister connection his death has to each of these cases.