About Project Suddenly the sun started unexpected change, and a large amount of radiation fell on the earth. Perhaps because of that influence, all living things on the earth crystallized. Human beings panicked by a phenomenon of unknown cause try to migrate to survive.This is a one-scene, one-cut version of “CODA”. Director Biography I started […]

Under Tension

About Project Carole and Paul live with their three children in a magnificent Parisian apartment. Over the years, Carole discovers a husband who has become possessive, jealous and paranoid. Keeping the family under the yoke and authority of the father is more and more difficult and dangerous for the balance of the family. Director Biography […]

Don’t Be Afraid

About Project Hank (Ben Cable) and his son Ben (Cristopher Michael Rose) have a heart-to-heart talk about an upcoming protest. Director Biography Matthew Winters is a writer, director, editor and co-creator of, What A Guy Productions. He is most known for his comedy videos, movie review podcast, and short films. In 2015, he received a […]

Under a Bad Moon

About Project A former sheriff deputy moves to the country after a breakdown following her partner’s murder. The perpetrator is still at large when she awakens to the sound of a gunshot and distressing voices. She seeks out the source and finds a dead body, and three young men and a woman. She’s forced to […]

The Messenger

About Project A Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant experiences death from a new perspective when he is tasked with delivering a difficult message in this short film with an unexpected turn. Director Biography After 40 years in a decorated military and law enforcement career, Philip Paz retired due to injuries and health issues associated with his […]

Where Is My Daughter

About Project Movie Based On The Disappearance Of A Teenage Daughter Writer Biography Gospel Artist , Writer , Author, Producer And Director Skyla Caldwell Bryant Out Of Fort Lauderdale Florida Age 54 Project Credits Skyla Caldwell Bryant – WriterWhere Is My Daughter Movie Scripts


About Project Stacy Lynch is a fashion model who is losing her mind and having strange hallucinations about her skin falling apart. Director Biography  As a kid, Justin Head grew up watching all kind of movies. However, it was the Universal Studios monster movies such as Dracula and Frankenstein that he would grow to love. […]

The Deputy

About Project When the bullied Deputy of a small town is put in charge after the Sheriff’s tragic demise, he is pushed to his breaking point by the very people he’s sworn to protect and must find it within himself to save the woman he loves from the family and the town that betrayed him. […]


About Project A group of patrons get get quarantined in the diner during the the corona virus pandemic and who survives FRANK P MANCUSO – WriterS.T.A.N.E AND AVA

The Last Earth Station

Local legend has it that the lost ship is a harbinger of doom; ravaged planets and broken civilizations littering its wake. But the crew of the scout ship, Erebus, finds a thriving community, seemingly unaware of its reputation. For expedition leader, Sarah Kendrick, touring the station with mercurial commanding officer, Michael Decker, is a history […]