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A Ghastly Sight

About Project

The victim endured hardships and sought for the murder for ten years.When it’s almost done,did not think,The mantis catches the cicada, and the Yellow sparrow is behind, the hunter reappeared again with a gun…

Writer Biography

David Wang(Pseudonym:spring summer autumn winter),Film And Television Screenwriter。male, 39 years old, engaged in film screenwriting for many years.
Main Works:
Suspense:A Ghastly Sight (Style: And Then There Were None);It Is Hard Escape The Net Of Justice;Dangers Spring Up All Around。
Comedy:Entertainer;Football Heroes;Martial Arts Chivalry 。
Peking Opera Trilogy:Play Like Life;Peerless Celebrities(Style: Farewell My Concubine);Famous Actors.

Project Credits

David Wang – Writer

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