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Border-Ball chronicles Joel Tauber’s 40-day pilgrimage along the U.S. – Mexico border. He walks, repeatedly, from the Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, along the Border Wall, to the Otay Mesa Detention Center—and back. People share their thoughts and stories, and Tauber wonders how we can be so cruel to so many immigrants and refugees. They play catch. They hug. Sometimes they even laugh, despite it all. And Tauber continues walking, praying that things will change.

Director Biography

Activist. Artist. Filmmaker. Wake Forest University Associate Professor. Joel Tauber sparks discourse and facilitates change via direct actions and interventions, films, video installations, photographs, public art, podcasts, and written stories. Projects include: Border-Ball, BELT: A 2-Man Memoir, UNDERWATER: An Operatic Disco, The Sharing Project, Pumping, Sick-Amour, Searching for The Impossible: The Flying Project

Project Credits

Joel Tauber – Director
Sick-Amour, The Sharing Project, Pumping, UNDERWATER: An Operatic Disco, Searching For The Impossible: The Flying Project, Seven Attempts To Make A Ritual

Joel Tauber – Writer

Joel Tauber – Producer

Joel Tauber – Key Cast

Humberto Velázquez Villalvazo – Key Cast

Estella Vargas – Key Cast

Uriel Vicona Guzman – Key Cast

Maggie Gonzalez – Key Cast

Alam Martinez – Key Cast

Joel Tauber – Cinematography

Max Slomoff – Cinematography

Sinjun Balabanoff – Cinematography

Dino Herrmann – Music and Sound Design

Wake Forest University – Funding

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