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Breath is a neo-classical composition of great skill and fluency flows into the musical mind, like a soft gentle spring river through a revitalised forest glade, the energy here contains a wonderful sense of both gratitude and abundance ~ Steve Sheppard, OneWorldMusicRadio.

This video is about the breath of God and the Universe that heals and gives life. God gives the breath of love and a baby is born, a Being meditates and illuminates, a state of Samadhi manifests in Absolute Love that illuminates and elevates the Soul in its Earthly Temple.

Director Biography

Anaya Kunst (Anaya Music) is a New Age Musi‪c composer and ‬MultiAwardWinning Artist, ‪ (MSc, PhD, PostDoctor) ‬Filmmaker, Producer, Recording artist and Author. Anaya is passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and visuals and the universal Vibration of Love and Peace.
‪She is a NARAS® and ASCAP voting member.‬

Project Credits

Anaya Kunst – Director

Tania Mara (AnayaMusic) Botelho – Writer

Anaya Kunst – Producer

Marcio Alves – Producer

Pedro Tavares – Producer

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