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Call of the Void

About Project

Half silent film, half narrated, CALL OF THE VOID is the journey of a man known as The Painter as he falls deep into the world of opium addiction. As his life begins to fall into a repetitive hell, he finds himself listening to voices of his past and future. As he spirals into a sense of confusion, he is met with the haunting appearance of a darkness known only as The Void and the death that awaits him in the darkness of his very soul. Inspired by films of the past and German Expressionism, Call of the Void is a deep look at the horrors of the darkness within and the loneliness we face in the absence of our inner light.

Director Biography

J. M. Stelly is a director from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Stelly directed his first film in 2009 “Within Madness”. The film would go through years of edits and additional footage before receiving domestic distribution in America through LC Films. Stelly has also worked with Warner Music and a number of artists directing music videos for DOWN, COC, To Kill a Party and Jason Martin to name a few. Stelly has also directed a number of shorts with his film “The Prologue” receiving the most attention and being featured by Eli Roth’s Crypt TV. In 2019 J. M. Stelly released “The Demonologist”, his biggest film to date, through Uncork’d and has recently finished his three latest features, ABACUS, THEY ARE WATCHING. and CALL OF THE VOID, the latter of which has won 13 awards to date.

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