Bare Metal

About Project Microsoft, Google, META, and AWS are some of the biggest single-power consumers in the world. Along with other digital infrastructure companies’ consumption, they make up 2.4% of the world’s energy use. This film details the digital infrastructure industry’s work to reduce their carbon footprint in an effort to lower carbon emissions and help […]

My Choice

About Project A bird’s-eye view of the March for Women’s Lives in Washington DC, 2004 where filmmaker Patricia Mooney was one of very few people with a professional video camera and tripod, and the ability to be front and center on both stages. Featuring Whoopi Goldberg, Kathleen Turner, Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Kathy Najimy, Tyne […]


About Project A Script based on the book, “Pieces” it is a story of a young lady plight regarding domestic violence, illicit drugs and death. It is told from a father prospective. Writer Writer – David Arch Hatch Project Credits David Arch Hatch – Director David Arch Hatch – Writer David Arch Hatch – Producer

Journey To Reformation

About Project Jeff was an atheist, and midnight film director. 10 years later, he is in the ministry and making films that align with his Christian faith. This is his journey and testimony. Director Biography Jeffrey Scott Richards – Director Jeffrey Richards is a 44 year old director, actor, screenwriter, Christian apologist, theologian and activist […]

Magic Mountain

About Project Upon descending Magic Mountain, a single celled animal is chased by a bizarre flying monster. Director Biography Matt Bissett-Johnson is an Australian animator and cartoonist. He wrote and animated for ABC music television show, Recovery, from 1998-2000. He records all the music for his short films.He submits animations to festivals, and in 2020, […]

Golden Hour: First Mt. Everest Mountain-Bike Rally

About Project In late October 1993, a small group of mountain bikers traveled with their mountain bikes to India in order to participate in the first-ever Mt. Everest Mountain Bike Rally. In the early morning, after a breakfast of soupy oatmeal, toast, jam, scrambled eggs and Darjeeling tea, the group was hauled by bus across […]

Light Em’ Up

About Project When survival is determined by a ticking fuse, a rogue team of experts brings the fire. Officer Harris and her bomb squad pyros defend the public from dangerous murders when they are in fact facing a perilous stalker themselves. Harris and McKenzie, her professional and romantic partner, are in search of who they […]


About Project All elements are AI produced MUSIC VIDEO. Midjourney AI makes these girls, CREEVO song Writing AI project by KYOTO UNIVERSITY JAPAN makes this song and sing , D-ID project site makes these girls animated to sing . and I just edit them.LoL!And this film is an advertisement for the movie URBANCROW to be […]

Film One (Overcoming Trilogy)

About Project This stop motion animation film was part of my Falmouth University MA Illustration final major project exploring aspects of autoethnography by thinking through making and making through knowing. Film One is the opening film in a trilogy of stop motion animation films on the theme of Places We Go To Escape Fear, which […]

Not All Is Lost

About Project LOG-LINESocial media obsessed Ashley neglects her friends in real life to such an extent that she comes across the death of her friend via Facebook, which causes her to rethink. Low Budget short script! The set is all in one apartment. Easy to shoot. Woman lead character. POC, WOC, LBGTQ Synopsis:Born in New […]