Change The World

About Project Angelena Bonet presents her documentary short film “Change The World” and is the recipient of the ‘Humanitarian Award’ at The Jane Austen Film Festival (U.K.), the ‘Human Spirit Award’ at the DOCS Without Borders Film Festival (The Bahamas), the ‘Salute Award’ at Bare Bones International Film Festival (U.S.) and numerous ‘Best Inspirational Film’ […]


About Project Notes on current affairs. Social media postings of current affairs on “ü75” channel. 30 to 120 seconds playing time. Output as a film “ü75_der Film”. Director Director – Urs Welter Project Credits Urs Welter – Director Urs Welter – Writer Urs Welter – Producer Urs Welter – Key Cast“Urs Welter”

The Birdcarver

About Project The Birdcarver tells the story of Eloir, 55 years old, an artisan who makes replicas of the Lagoa do Peixe National Park’s birds and undertakes a quixotic struggle for preservation of the Park; his wife ( Ivana, 43 years old) and daughter (Ingrid, 22 years old). Eloir will introduce us to the Lagoa […]

The Savior of Coney Island

About Project Meet Dick Zigun, “Honorary Mayor of Coney Island” and learn about the beginnings of Coney Island USA. Under Dick, Coney Island USA developed and produced a number of beloved summer programs including the Mermaid Parade and the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. Dick moved to Coney Island in 1979, when the historic amusement park […]

Where Madness Is

About Project Increasingly polyphonic four-part poem performed as a combination of spoken word and a-capella singing, representing a mind at odds with itself. As one part suffers, another tries to soothe and find peace, and yet another rebels. Director Biography Corinne Hughes is a queer poet and fiction writer. Her work has been supported by […]

After The Fall

About Project Two young women struggling to survive and the start of the end of the world and one is them is a cannibal. Writer Biography Grandson of an Armenian Genocide survivor and outliving a leukemia diagnosis at just 13 years old, Kalen Artinian tells stories of real world trauma through fantasy and genre. Kalen’s […]



Gray Area

About Project Kate Gray struggles with a full-time career as a therapist, raising four young children, past personal traumas, and marriage. In an attempt to hold it all together, she turns to alcohol. As Kate spirals down through the “gray area” of addiction and anxiety, she must decide whether to choose to reach out for […]


About Project deserts stalk the earthat ever-increasing kilometers per yearannihilate soil that nurtures new growthfill the girlchild’s eyes with grit Director Biography Gaele Sobott is a writer living on Darug land in Western Sydney, Australia. Her published works include Colour Me Blue (Heinemann), My Longest Round (Magabala Books) and recent short stories in Verity La, […]

Emily’s Do

About Project I first met Emily at a friend’s art opening at Front Street Art Studios and Galleries in Dayton, Ohio. She had multicolored hair that was cut into shapes, and was wearing a white faux fur coat with bananas printed all over it. I knew right away that I wanted to photograph her, so […]