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In a world where you feel like you fight to be seen and to create amazing work, it can be very hard to do. Find out the answer to a long-asked question. What does it mean to be a Creator?

Santos Ortiz-Pasterick is an upcoming American Actor, Filmographer, and Musician that focuses on developing projects that entertain audiences. These projects consist of media such as film, music, and written content. Since his freshman year of high school, he has always loved performing on stage and creating art. Santos loved to entertain, so when the stage seemed to be too far from reach, he found a new home on Film. Santos created DowncastSpark Productions on November 11th, 2016. Since then, he has created many videos and was featured in other films, animation projects, shows, musicals, and more.

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A magazine or a newspaper is a shop. Each is an experiment and represents a new focus, a new ratio between commerce and intellect.

 – John Jay Chapman

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