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On an exorcism gone awry, D.E.A.D. FORCE encounter a Wendigo: a shape shifting, atmospheric manipulating demon, but can they save the possessed and take out another demon?

Director Biography

Joe Boi is an eclectic, nostalgic Director specializing in Horror, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi films. Joe is currently engaged in writing and producing his own films having previously worked as personal assistant in film for over a decade.

He thrives in telling stories; presenting a series of events with words, images and sound in unsuspecting ways. He does so with novelty and creativity that is sure to keep his audiences glued.

Joe has worked on movies, TV Shows, and numerous short films. Most notable of the movies he has worked in include Iron Man 3, Tron, Brake and Terminator: Salvation with his latest being Jeepers Creepers 3. The T.V shows include Grey’s Anatomy, Mistresses, Revenge, Scandal, and Agents of Shield. His personal film, “Senses” won best special FX and Audience Choice in the short film category as well as having nominations for best actress and best director in a short film throughout its festival circuit run.

Joe is an avid reader, Stephen King novels topping the list of his favorites. He loves reading comic books, watching movies and playing video games like Mortal Kombat and Destiny, hobbies from which he draws most of inspiration from. His drive and determination sets him apart, all aimed at creating a masterpiece.

Joe Boi – Director
Mercy: Veil of Shadows, Raveena’s Revenge

Joe Boi – Writer
Mercy: Veil of Shadows, Raveena’s Revenge

Joe Boi – Producer
Mercy: Veil of Shadows, Raveena’s Revenge

Joe Boi – Key Cast
“Rivera”Raveena’s Revenge

Emily Nall – Key Cast

Michael Lamberti – Key Cast

Samantha Burton – Key Cast

DeVon Rodgers – Key Cast

Jonathan Raffoul – Key Cast

Sarah WatersKey Cast”Sara/The Possessed”

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