Crown International Film Festival

Days of Salvation: Prologue

About Project

The world is devastated from Nuclear war. Now a group of survivors with no way to find safe place must band together to stay alive to find Utopia.

Director Biography

I was born in Punjab, India, where at the age of 8, I moved to the USA. I spent nearly 26 years in Seattle, WA. Lots of things changed around me throughout the years.
My inspiration into being a filmmaker came when I held my first camera. I wanted to shoot anything and everything which was like a way of shooting documentary of my personal life growing up in the United States. As the years went by I had inspiration from teachers and watching films like Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time on TV and had the passion to be filmmaker. I continuously read Science Fiction, Thrillers, and Mysteries types of books and watched tons of films. I attended The Art Institute of Seattle in Washington in 2009 and graduated with Bachelors in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production in 2012.
Since graduation I’ve been doing all sort of filmmaking from live events, Weddings, and short videos for competitions. Good relationships with co-workers and clients has always been key point for me because with them my work gets better.

Project Credits

Amrik S. Pabla – Writer

Amrik S. Pabla – Director

Amrik S. Pabla – Producer

Timothy Krabill – Key Cast”Carter”

Sone Tuvale – Key Cast”Mason”

Rene Bugatti – Key Cast”Claire”

Darryl Robert Small – Key Cast”Hanery”

Meghan Goodman – Key Cast”Abigail”


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