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Do Over

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An alcohol use disorder who reaches his last stage of alcoholism by which he loses his loved family, job and his friends. A struggle inside him to get over is DO OVER. a Motivational movie

1. Actor Maanav acted as Siva , becomes addicted to alcohol by which he starts getting into
depression and anxiety which makes him fight and argue with his wife Uma every single day
and due to lack of his mental health he lost his job and his Family
2. The movie shows a common person with alcohol use disorder can’t stop drinking, even
when it causes problems, emotional distress or physical harm to themselves or others.
But after going through all these situations our Actor Maanav thought if he don’t do it
Now, maybe he will never and he might die, knowing the truth but without accepting it.
So, insisted himself that everything will be done over and decides to become
abstinence, so he chooses to consult a rehab centre where he gets treated medically
and psychologically to control it. After a long struggle within himself and after the
completion of his treatment, he starts a new life.
3. Through Maanav Character our movie is trying to convey the message to common people that alcohol addiction can do to a person by ruining his present and future by mentally
and physically. So, his journey starts to seek out better opportunity and become a new
person to achieve success and which inspires those who are victim to alcoholism. Our actor
Maanav who is not waiting for the conditions to get perfect to be begin with and he
pushes himself to bounce back without accepting the defeat but determined to achieve
his dreams and goals.

Director Biography


Career Objective: Aggressive and brilliant film director with solid background in film making and directing; I aim to produce quality movies that will catapult the actors/actresses to stardom. My ability to interpret scripts will be very helpful in guiding effectively portraying their roles.

Project Credits

SHARVI – Director

SHARVI – Writer

SARAVANAN – Producer

MAANAV – Key Cast


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