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About Project

A girl and a guy with the same phobia get set up by
their therapist to fall in love.

Director Biography

Karla Guy was always the creative type or as they say the black sheep of the family. She moved to LA to pursue her dream as an actor and then found herself in film school. She took a class and fell in love with all aspects of film production, but especially writing. She was already a writer of the journals of her life she wrote in growing up and moving around the U.S. as a kid. She decided then that she wanted to create her own protects and to direct them. She wants her films to empower people and her stories to heal with laughter. P.S. You might have seen her on that show…

Project Credits

Karla Guy – DirectorTales
from Fat City, Through the Storm, Downside of Love

Karla Guy – Writer
Tales from Fat City, Downside of Love

Karla Guy – Producer
Tales from Fat City, Downside of Love

Karla Guy – Key Cast
“Clare”Tales from Fat City, Jealous, Obsethed, Dance Your A**Off, Downside of Love

Carrie Gibson – Key Cast
“Linda the Therapist”This is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, Superstore, American Crime Story

Danny Arroyo – Key Cast
“Duncan”The Detective, BITE!, Proving Ground, African Mystique, Apocalypse Love

Carmen Scott – Key Cast
“Deana”Legend of a Hollywood Producer, Miracle: The Milagro in Tafticopa, Razor Tongue

Jonesy – Key Cast
“Jere”Gotham, Nurse Jackie, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Gurus

Eddie Frias – DP

Jose Ramirez – Editor
“Searching for Vincente” “A Thriving Light” “Temporus”

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