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About Project

Inspired by transcendental reflections and about the fifth dimension.
Mixed from quantum physics, our brain capacity and also prayer in creating realities beyond the World, technology, time to the theory of the multiverse.
All music composed, performed and produced by‪ Anaya Music‬

All lyrics written, recorded, performed and produced by Cindy Paulos

Music Publishing © 2020 Anayamusic (ASCAP), Practicing Aloha (ASCAP)

Editing and Mixing by Pedro Tavares and ‪Anaya Music‬
Video produced and edited by Anaya Music and Marcio Alves
Video directed by Anaya Music Kunst

Director Biography

‪Anaya Music, a Multi-Award-Winning artist (MSc, PhD, PostDoctor) is a timeless composer and ethereal vocalist, filmmaker, recording artist, composer, author, outstanding keyboardist, known as musical Diva and a NARAS® voting member.‬
‪2020 Winner of Vision Artist and Outstanding Legacy Awards and Artist of the year, 2022 by TheAkademiaMusicAwards,USA.‬

‪Cindy Paulos is a lyricist,writer, broadcaster, a Multi-Award-Winning artist and radio-tv personality. Dr.,Minister of Metaphysics and NARAS® voting member.‬
UNESCO 2020 Cross-Cultural & Peace Crafter Award, Gandhi Peace award, ‪Author Programs KUOS Fm radio in Sedona and co-founded KAOI Radio Group on Maui, Hawaii.‬

Project Credits

Anaya Kunst – Director

Tania mara Botelho – Writer

Cindy Paulos – Writer

Anaya Kunst – Producer

Cindy Paulos – Producer

Marcio Alves – Producer

Pedro Tavares – Producer

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