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About Project

Being eternal, “Being” FOREVER beyond the earth, in the enchantments or disenchantments of duality does not depend on anything or anyone; a good song … To be eternal when watching the sunset. To be eternal is to stick to musical notes as if there was nothing else or if you heard …

Anaya’s piano on this deeply moving piece is contrasted against splendid sunsets, moving tornadoes and very inspiring new dawn scenes that help to elevate you above the trials and tribulations…~Dick Metcalf

Director Biography

Anaya, a multiawardwinning artist, (MSc,PhD,PostDoctor) is a timeless composer and ethereal vocalist passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and universal vibration of love and peace.
Passion for photography and movies.

Project Credits

AnayaMusic – Director

AnayaMusic – Writer

AnayaMusic and Marcio Alves – Producer

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