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Freedom Street

About Project

The experts provide insight into Australia’s long history of border control and Australian-Indonesian relations which serve to contextualise the struggle of our three protagonists as they look towards an uncertain future. The documentary highlights the cost of Australia’s undemocratic policies both on the refugees and the Australian taxpayers over the years while urgently sounding the alarm for meaningful and humane solutions to an ever-worsening issue.

14000 refugees are trapped in limbo; caught in the crossfire of Australia’s border policy and Indonesia’s indifference.

Freedom Street Documentary explores the harrowing plights of Joniad, Ashfaq and Azizah, three refugees who are affected by the consequences of Australia’s policies who are trapped in Indonesia. This feature-length documentary tells their moving stories whilst deconstructing Australia’s cruel border protection policy in a series of conversations with various experts, illuminating the issue in its entire (dark) historical and contemporary context.

Director Biography

Alfred Pek is a filmmaker, video journalist, director, and an aspiring storyteller, adventurer, and explorer of pluralism and intersections of identities. Having diverse life experiences in Indonesia and then Australia, it has inspired him to pursue the direction of telling stories that matter to broader social contexts to inspire actions and move human hearts.

Project Credits

Alfred Darren Pek – Director

Alex Savvides – Producer

William Cheung – Producer

Alfred Darren Pek – Producer

JN Joniad – Key Cast

Ashfaq Hussain – Key Cast

Nur Azizah – Key Cast

Alfred Darren Pek – D.O.P

Martin Ponferrada – D.O.P

Martin Ponferrada – Editor

Zacchary Reeve Winley – Assistant Editor

Daniel Lim – Assistant Editor

Joshua O’Sullivan – Assistant Editor

Sean Hayward – Sound Designer

Alfred Darren Pek – Sound Designer

Sean Hayward – Composer

Annemie Iles – Production Assistant

Martin Ponferrada – Production Assistant

Zacchary Reeve Winley – Production Assistant

Sean Hayward – Production Assistant

Andreas Luhung Wicaksana – Caption & Subtitle

Vincentia Rivka Heraviana – Caption & Subtitle

Rosamia Rachmawati – Caption & Subtitle

Alfred Darren Pek – Caption & Subtitle

Eshaq Naseri – Video Assistant

Haider Salam – Video Assistant

JN Joniad – Video Assistant

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