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Holding These Moments

About Project

“Holding These Moments” is about loving a community so much that you never want to let it go. Seen through the eyes of one of the most popular bands in all of hardcore/punk, the film explores how friendships can transform into family. In early 2016, Dan Elswick embarked to document BANE’s final US tour. After teaming up with editor Ricardo Cozzolino, it turned into so much more.

After two decades attracting fans with their honesty as people and musicians, the pressure of home life and self-doubt became unavoidable. Bane made an all-or-nothing decision to end the band with a final album and tour. Holding The Moments examines the challenges of living and creating art on your own terms. It explores the artist struggle: questioning the relevance and living a life of meaning amidst one’s art. Through extensive band, fan and friend interviews, we see firsthand the impact of people living less ordinary.

Director Biography

Director – Dan Elswick, Ricardo Cozzolino

Project credits

Dan Elswick – Director

Ricardo Cozzolino – Director

Ricardo Cozzolino – Writer

Dan Elswick – Writer

Charles Chaussinand – Producer

Greg Bennick – Producer
Flight From Death, The Philosopher Kings

David E. Bazow – Producer

Aaron Bedard – Key Cast

Aaron Dalbec – Key Cast

Zach Jordan – Key Cast

Bobby Mahoney – Key Cast

James Siboni – Key Cast

Ricardo Cozzolino – Editor
Wings, George Romero: An Independent Man

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