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I Laugh on the Outside

About Project

A slasher movie about a former actress Angela Baker (Aubrie Nestor) who takes revenge on the filmmakers that ruined her life.

Director Biography

As a kid, Justin Head grew up watching all kind of movies. However, it was the Universal Studios monster movies such as Dracula and Frankenstein that he would grow to love. The sense of atmosphere and visual style would prove a big influence on his work. Hi first exposure to filmmaking was taking the Universal Studios backlot tour when he was 9 years old. From that day, he decided that he wanted to go into filmmaking. When he was 14, he started playing around with a MiniDV camera his parents had just purchased. He made one short film after the other, camera to camera, honing his craft of horror films as he went along. He would write, direct, edit, and a later point in time do the makeup effects for some of his films.

Project Credits

Justin Head – Director

Justin Head – Writer

Justin Head – Producer

Aubrie Nestor – Key Cast
“Angela Baker”Lilith

Keanu Riviera – Key Cast
“Mark Lewis”

Jason Sermeno – Key Cast
“Alan Yates”

Geneva Gentry – Key Cast
“Faye Cunningham”

Keith Vanetta – Key Cast
“Jay Bloom”

Jonathan Bub Konishi – Key Cast
“Bud Rossi”

Han Safar – Key Cast
“Ben Tramer”

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