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I See You

About Project

How far can a man go to get the girl of his dreams? Is it love that he is after? Is it lust? Is he even a man at this point? Could he be an incel? The human brain is a very complex organ as it serves as the moral compass of human behavior. These are the questions that a man is struggling to answer in this short thriller film, I See You. This is his story…

Director Biography

Kristen DeSantis is currently a film major at Clayton State University devoting her studies to Film Production. She is a very organizable and reliable person, hence the reason she aims to become a production accountant and/or manager. Despite being a cinematographer for a few shorts, her ultimate goal has always been to handle money for productions.

Project Credits

Kristen Desantis – Director
The Man in Black

Corey Davis – Director
The Man in Black, Scissors

Kristen Desantis – Writer

Kristen Desantis – Producer
The Man in Black

Corey Davis – Producer
The Man in Black, Scissors

Taylor Entrekin – Key Cast
“The Woman”

Kristen Desantis – Key Cast
“Friend of Woman”

Corey Davis – Key Cast
“The Stalker”The Man in Black, Scissors

Jake Hanes – Key Cast
“Guy in Blue Shirt”The Man in Black

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