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It’s Sunny Outside

About Project

Thomas is a stay at home dad and workaholic, who can’t seem to get the quiet space he needs to get any work done. He’s dealing with a full house, between his wife, daughter, recently moved in mother-in-law and a fat 20 pound cat. It’s the house that never sleeps. How will Thomas get any work done in this personal hell hole?

Director Biography

Michael is a trained actor with many credits to his name. His training started in acting, based on his ability to break down scripts and help actors book rolls through auditions and submissions, he then shifted into directing. Michael is now working on his third film, which are all self-produced; written and directed by himself. He usually acts in most of his films as well.

Project Credits

Michael Robert Kessler – Director
Dinner for Two

Michael Robert Kessler – Writer
Dinner for Two

Michael Robert Kessler – Producer
Dinner for Two

Michael Robert Kessler– Key Cast
“Thomas”Lochart: Unleashing The Talisman

Kristin Kessler – Key Cast
“Domonique”The Box

Frances Manos – Key Cast

Alexis Tayler Kessler – Key Cast

Gianberto Ridino – Cinematographer
Dinner for Two

Gianberto Ridino – Editor
Dinner for Two

Gianberto Ridino – Sound
Dinner for Two

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