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Vera, who is a child in spirit, in the cycle where boundaries with life are broken, she find herself a pair of eyes. The two are actually different faces of the object in this relationship.
Ones to be exists in the eyes of the others and the other finds herself on the other. The thin line between love and hate becomes the emptiness of existence, and this is where rebirth begins.
“Hell is other people.” Sartre

Director Biography

Nalan Abbasoğlu:
She started her literary journey with short story studies and literary criticism as part of a workshop. She graduated from Philosophy and Latin Language Literature Departments at Istanbul University. After receiving screenplay training at a private institution, she assisted in mise-en-scene film criticism and script training stages. She started her master’s degree in Cinema Department in Marmara University. Comparative east-west mythologies, existentialism, and philosophy of language are of her particular interest. She participated into two documentary projects on the female director of 1990s Turkey and contemporary female directors. These two documentaries are about cinema; they also include the academic research of its director and set an example in filmmaking together. She continues writing methodical film reviews and creating film projects. Khora is her first fiction film.

Project Credits

Nalan Abbasoğlu – Director

Nalan Abbasoğlu – Writer

Nureddin Buğra Aközek – Producer

Piraye Vera Göztaş – Key Cast

Aslı Gönül – Key Cast

Pınar Fontini – Key Cast

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