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Love And Love Only

About Project

When a rich Indian International student falls for a working class Australian girl, who is crazily in Love with him, how will he handle the cultural differences and succeed in his love, against his parents’ plans for his future?

Director Biography

Julian Karikalan is an Indian born Australian screenwriter and filmmaker based in Sydney, Australia. He was born in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India and did his graduation there. He moved to Australia to complete his Masters in Computing and Interactive Multimedia from the University of Technology Sydney. Though he is an IT professional by qualification and a filmmaker by profession, he considers storytelling to be his forte and is a strong advocate of the Schreiber theory.
He argues that the screenwriter is the principal author of a movie. He wrote “Love and Love Only” as a screenplay and made it into a feature film that he himself produced, directed and edited. He kept all other technical elements (except music) to the required minimum levels, and concentrated on the screenplay to prove his point. He also released the movie worldwide online through VOD to reach a wider audience. Today, the movie, the music soundtrack and the screenplay are all available worldwide online.

Project Credits

Julian Karikalan – Director

Julian Karikalan – Writer

Julian Karikalan – Producer

Rohit Kalia – Key Cast

Georgia Nicholas – Key Cast

Ambika Asthana – Key Cast

Shekhar Mehta – Key Cast

Robert Osborne – Key Cast

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