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Love Changes Everything

About Project

When a one night stand from college, comes back to haunt a young couples as they are planning a new life together. Reveling secrets, lies and deceptions.

Director Biography

Yvette Walters is a Wife, a Mother to three beautiful children, and a Grandmother to two awesome little boys. During the day, Yvette works as a customer service representative serving the public, but when nightfall comes, her alter ego Karamell Jones emerges and that when the fun begins. Karamell Jones is a self-published author, playwright, scriptwriter, and filmmaker.
My desire to write came late in life for me. Before May 2013, I had no interest in writing. The mere thought of having to write more than a few lines would stress me out entirely. I can honestly say I was intimidated by the process. But just like, I mean overnight things changed. I woke up one morning and said to myself, “Yvette, you should write a book.”I laughed, of course, but the feeling didn’t go away, and I said, why not what do I have to lose. I created the pen name, Karamell Jones, and my journey began.
Here I am seven years later, and I have self- published three books; The Neighbor, TwisTed Dream I & II, currently working on book three of the TwisTed Dreams Series. I wrote and produce my first stage play based on a short story I wrote. I am also working on my first short film based on my book TwisTed Dreams, my goal is to create a web-series, pitch to Netflix, and produce a full-length feature film.
I create stories about everyday life situations but with a twist….

Project Credits

Karamell Jones – Writer
Twisted Dreams

Yvette A Walters – Writer
Twisted Dreams

Karamell Jones – Director
Twisted Dreams

5 Shorts Project – Producer
Twisted Dreams

Kendra Y Peterson – Key Cast
“Ryder “Twisted Dreams

Janan Ashton – Key Cast

Ka’von Dessus – Key Cast

Vanessa Burgess – Key Cast

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