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Possessed by Aliens

About Project

A boy has to spend a few days at his grandmother’s place but granny isn’t who she used to be.

Director Biography

Director, writer Demeter Lorant, born in Hungary, 1982, began his career in 1999 when he made his first amateur short horror film called Picnic which was followed by a string of short films. In 2003 he made his first ’professional’ short film called Lag which got the award for best editing on The New York Short Film Festival. Lag was followed by two self financed shorts, the black, and white Royal Flush and Urine, both explorations into more abstract horror territory.
In 2005 he started developing a feature film project called Block-66, sadly after two years of preproduction the project died and the script was never realized. After that Lorant ventured more into making animations, directed more than 50 musicvideos mainly for indie bands and he started to develop his skills as a projection mapping artist. In 2010 he founded Full Screen Studio which became one of the leading companies in producing visual content for events and creating projection mapping projects in Hungary.
In 2015 he finally found his way back to making horror-related films, the first being Lucky Girl, an exploration into 70’s Exploitation Cinema and French New Wave Extremism.

Project Credits

Demeter LorantDirectorLucky Girl, Nothing

Demeter LorantWriter

Gábor Sz. NagyProducer

Márta HollerKey Cast”Granny”

Gáspár ÚjlakiKey Cast”Boy”

Zoltán SzabóMusic

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