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Rage, Fear, Love

About Project

Art rep Walter Breen commissions a cruel portrait of his cheating wife Ester. In a rage, Ester fights Walter’s efforts at divorce. As the couple battles, they drag portrait painter Bluster Dabro and Ester’s boyfriend Peter Jepsen across the thin line separating fetish and paranoia. Ester becomes fearful someone is trying to kill her.

Under deadline pressure to finish a review of the portrait, art critic Jonathan Heck encourages his readers to consider if the evidence regarding attempts to murder Ester is real or from her imagination. Peter repeatedly saves Ester at the last minute in an effort to gain her love.

Or is Peter behind the attempts?

Director Biography

Charles’ cinematic skills are easily evident in his production, the award winning “Epiphany.” A distinctive style particular to his craft makes Charles’ work desirable. He served as Director of Photography on the award winning short movie “Banished Misfortune,” the award-winning documentary “Pray’s Passion,” the strikingly recorded documentary “You Bet We’re Going Back to Sea – The S.S. John W. Brown” and the award winning fictional work “The Last Dive.” Charles marked his Directorial debut with the release of WDC, LLC’s first feature length movie “Beaches, Buns, and Bikinis.”

Taking his craft as a Director to a new level, Charles wrote and directed the five part web comedy “The Front Desk.”

Charles encourages discussion and nurtures passion for independent production through 3AM Films and its website.

Project Credits

Matt Jenkins – Writer

Charles Stanley – Director

Matt Jenkins – Producer

Fred Ressel – Producer

Ron Calzolari – Producer

Dan Perrin – Producer

Casy Enzler – Producer

Victoria Yap – Key Cast

Jenerro Wade – Key Cast

Paige Phillips – Key Cast

Ron Calzolari – Key Cast

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