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About Project

Leon never found the words to tell me about his illness. Instead he wrote an album of 3 songs. One he danced as a solo in our final concert in 1995. This previously never released album of songs and music was hand delivered To: Me, For: Me, From: post-mortem Leon Evans, in which I can now honor by presenting through Tap dance, how I understand his lyrics reflect his thoughts about the first day we met until his dying day. I am Jaye Allison. Together we were LEJA DANCE THEATRE for 17 years. I even got to name these originals. ‘Hum this Melody’ was recorded appropriately in Stanton Hall Dance Studios where our company rehearsed because there was a piano in each studio, along with Ballet Barres. My sweatshirt hangs on the barre in the background of Leon at the piano. I always wondered what happened to it?


Director – Jaye Allison

Project Credits

Jaye Allison – Director
JADA’s Be The Rhythm, Hear My Protest Dance

Edward Leon Evans – Writer

Charles Tyson, Jr. – Producer
Hear my Protest Dance

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