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Retrograde: For The Art

About project

A young actress trying to pursuit fame calls on a B list actor to help her as he turns on her and her friends to sacrifice them to have more fame.

Director Biography

Max Decker was born and raised in McAllen, Texas. He moved to New York and studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse with Katheryn Gately while working on All My Children playing the role of Carlos Reyes. Offered the role to Play Guiterez in the 2002 Tony Award winning play “Take Me Out,” written by Richard Greenberg, the play closed in 2003, and Decker journeyed to Los Angeles. He began guest starring on television shows like North Shore, playing opposite Jason Mamoa and working on the Unit with Directors like David Mamet. Max started on the A.B.C pilot, “The Catch,” written and directed by J.J Abrams. Decker has done over a dozen Guest Stars on Television: “Reba”, “Criminal Minds”, “The Mentalist”, “Perception”, “NCIS L.A” and many more.

Becoming an established Acting Coach in 2010, Decker has helped coach many actors and built their careers. He is rooted in the intention of having his actors start off on the right foot, navigating them to secure the best fit of manager and agent.

Decker aids you in finding your acting technique, from Dramatic Imagination to Substitution to Sense Memory work. Script analysis is prioritized, encouraging actors to fully understand their characters.

With over 20 years in the business, Max Decker now operates in a collaborative space that allows his students to reach their full potential and become professional working actors.

Project Credit’s

Maximillian Alexander Decker – Director
Retrograde Los Angeles

Allie Perez – Writer
Bloomfield, Ladyfish

Allie Perez – Producer

Allie Perez – Key Cast “Sarah”

Joesph Shashaty – Key Cast “Salvadore”

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