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About Project

A group of bootleggers plan for a big job during prohibition. Will it go as planned?

Projects Credits

  • Jaleel Sampay – Director
  • Rafael Zubizarreta – Writer Windward Spirits: A New Ruler
  • Pete Freeland – Producer Windward Spirits: On Deadly Grounds
  • Rafael Zubizarreta – Producer Windward Spirits: A New Ruler, Windward Spirits: Blood Ties, Windward Spirits: On Deadly Grounds
  • A.J. Castro – Key Cast”Johnny”Will & Grace, Mr. Mayor, Windward Spirits: On Deadly Grounds
  • Wida Karim – Key Cast”Layla”Windward Spirits: On Deadly Grounds, Game of Talents, Faction of a Hitman
  • Rafael Zubizarreta – Key Cast”Antonio”Prison Break, Windward Spirits: A New Ruler,
  • Pete Freeland – Key Cast”Jack”Criminal Minds, Lifelines, Justice of the Border
  • George Clarke – Key Cast”Dwight”Clarke & DiBella: Hollywood Division, Ghostie
  • Peter Frankenfeld – Key Cast”Henchman”
  • Kristopher Mitchell – Key Cast”Henchman”Ashley Jones is Perfectly Normal, I Am Wrath

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