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Strings Attached

About Project

Strings Attached is an anthology series set within a
fictional online dating site. The series tells the stories
of people looking for love and trying to connect during
these disconnected times.

[next episode link will appear at the end of the video; please note that episodes have English subtitles – if they do not turn on automatically, please click CC on the bottom right of the Vimeo player]

Director Biography

Strings Attached has been produced by Andy Wolf, Jessica Hutchinson, Marie Förster and Lucinda Bruce. As an anthology series, each episode features different writers, directors and performers.

Andy Wolf – Director

Marie Förster – Director

Jessica Hutchinson – Director
The Seance, Fergus in Hell

Autumn T. Dang -* Director

Inger Berit Grøterud – Director

Johann-Christof Laubisch – Director

Prarthana Joshi – Director
Handle With Care, Hiding, _happyface4

Andy Wolf – Writer

Marie Förster – Writer

Jessica Hutchinson – Writer
The Seance, Fergus in Hell

Autumn T Dang – Writer

Lee-Ann Woon – Writer

Johann-Christof Laubisch – Writer

Inger Berit Grøterud – Writer

Ria Patel – Writer
Nice, Fi aur Me, Trey Pops

Andy Wolf – Producer

Marie Förster – Producer

Jessica Hutchinson – Producer

Lucinda Bruce – Producer
Choir Girl, The Party Bus

Jessica Hutchinson – Key Cast
“Gemma”The Seance, Fergus in Hell

Marie Förster – Key Cast
“Rose”Sugarlove, Mona & Marie, Lichthunger, Psykhe

Loveday Smith – Key Cast
“June”Hunter Street, Emerdale Farm, Forget to Die

Melodie Wakivuamina – Key Cast
“Kira”I Am, Domina, Über die Grenze

Oliver Trautwein – Key Cast
“Monty”The International, Tatort, In Aller Freundschaft

Jack Armstrong – Key Cast
“Josh”Empire of the Sharks, The Dreamsy, Now Live

Julia Kemp – Key Cast
“Line”Then You Run, Styx & Co.

Sebastian Menges – Key Cast

Inger Berit Grøterud – Key Cast
“Emma/Hedda”Mortal, Aber Bergen

Sveinung Augestad – Key Cast
“Jonas”Angel/Demon, Dystopia

Elin Gunnarsdotter Sandvik – Key Cast
“Synnøve”Exit, Inside the Whore

Bene-Bienvenu Baneck – Key Cast

Grethe Anine Gjøs – Key Cast
“Johanne”Lagos to Oslo

Ronn Kurtz – Key Cast
“Ezra”Rostered On, Neighbours, Bleed Australian

Kelly Monisse – Key Cast
“Heather”Malibu Crush, The Sound Eye, Boundaries

Dan Haberfield – Key Cast
“Trent”Bernie Brown, Fires, The Demon

Crystal Qin – Key Cast

Courtney Lin – Key Cast
“Mimi”The Label, Planet Power

Ken Chen – Key Cast

Michelle Wen Lee – Key Cast
“Mama Wang”Redemption, Bridget Jones, London Road

Sharayu Mahale – Key Cast
“MJ”Attaway General, Unbothered, Mantra

Ria Patel – Key Cast
“Sheetal”Trey Pops, Varta re Varta, Fi aur Me

Mark Adams – Key Cast
“Marko (Robbery Boy)”We Deserve Better, Sex Therapy, Any day now

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