Crown International Film Festival

The Beachcombers

About Project

A short film based on a poem about a father’s legacy to his daughter.

Director Biography

I am a self shooting director based in Norfolk & London and regularly travel all over for my projects. I try to reflect in my work my love for creating emotive lifestyle based imagery, often inspired by the natural world and the outdoors. Wild coastal landscapes and a sense of adventure have had a huge influence on me growing up and this can easily be seen in my work and the way I like to tell stories.

My commercial work varies from TV & social media campaigns, short form documentary and branded lifestyle content. I have worked for some excellent brands of all sizes including national campaigns, tourism proms, music videos as well as short narrative projects. I love to work with brands and individuals to tell their stories to bring out the best in what they do.

Although the majority of my work is moving image based, photography was where it all stated for me as a creative and I still love to also shoot stills and normally always have a camera close to hand.

Project Credits

Jon Lawrence – Writer

Pete Naylor – Director

Jon Lawrence – Producer

Pete Naylor – Producer

Hannah Boast – Key Cast”Bronnie”

Adam Bowler – Key Cast”Bronnie’s Father”

Seren Gooderson – Key Cast”Young Bronnie”

Dano Mackenzie – Key Cast”Bronnie’s Son”

Jon Lawrence – Music

David Stratford – Director of Photography

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