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The Lavender Girl

About Project

“The Lavender Girl takes on the challenge of breathing new life into a heartbroken bandleader, overcoming the obstacles of his extravagant world and her own past to find love and hope”.

A young woman born and raised on the Balearic island of Mallorca, who lost her wealthy family at the age of twelve, finds her monotonous life suddenly changed when she meets and falls in love with a popular American songwriter and bandleader. After the bandleader’s girlfriend is caught cheating on him with his father, he and his mother leave New York and seek refuge on the island. Tragically, the bandleader’s mother is killed in a car accident, leaving him devastated and without the will to live. The Lavender Girl, filled with love for the bandleader, takes it upon herself to breathe new life into him and support him through his heartbreak. She opens her heart and home to him, with the help of her household staff and his band members, as they both find love, hope and a new direction in life.

Writer Biography

I am a self-taught, passionate first-time writer and I am thrilled that my first feature film script, based on my personal experiences, has won three awards.
Born in Hannover/Germany, I came to Madrid via Munich/Hamburg/London and live half time on the island of Mallorca.

Sophie von Rheden – Writer

Movie Play International Film Festival – Official Selection
Best First Time Screenwriter

4th Dimension Independent Film Festival – Official Selection
Best Feature Script

EdiPlay International Film FestivalSelected – Best Feature Script

Movie Play International Film FestivalNominee – Best First Time Screenwriter

Indiefare International Film – FINALIST
Best Screenplay

4th Dimension Film Festival BaliNOMINEE – Best Feature Script

Sweden International Film FestivalNOMINEE – Best Screenwriting

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