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A wannabe actress with social anxiety answers an AD for a Phone-Sex Operator, but when she gets a call from a famous actor who wants to speak to Cleopatra, she seizes the opportunity to become a living Goddess.

Writer Biography

Pamela Perry Goulardt
Screenwriter, Script Adaptations.
Screenwriting Instructor – “Cinematic Storytelling”, Storyteller’s Cottage.

• 2020 Beyond the Curve IFF WINNER Best Pilot. “The Ringmistress: Plush Cuts”.
• 2020 Royal Wolf IFF. Bronze Award. ‘Stardude: The Wolf Who Saved Christmas
• 2020. Lonely Wolf IFF. Selected. ‘Stardude: The Wolf Who Saved Christmas
• 2020. SELECTED ‘Stardude: The Wolf Who Saved Christmas’.
• 2020 Finalist Screenwriting Staffing Query ‘Goblin’s Girl’.
• 2020. Humanoid Kill – Critics Choice – MADRAS Independent Film Festival
• 2020. FILMMATIC Drama Awards. MAFIA HEART. Semi-Finalist.
• 2020. 24th Annual FADE IN AWARDS. First 10 PAGES-Semi-Finalist “MAFIA HEART”.
• 2020. SCREENCRAFT SHORT FILM. Semi-Finalist. “Who Wants to Live in a World…?
• 2019. SCREENCRAFT FILM FUND. – Semi-Finalist. “Who Wants to Live in a World…?
• 2019. WE SCREENPLAY. DIVERSE VOICES LAB. “Who Wants to Live in a World…?” Semi-Finalist.
• 2019. FILMMATIC SHORT SCREENPLAY. “Calamity Jane: Queen of Spades”. Semi-Finalist.
• 2019. OMAHA FILM FESTIVAL. “Who Wants To Live in a World”. semi-finalist

Navagraha Purana, by V.S. Rao. (Legends of Destiny) Finalist NEW HOPE FILM FESTIVAL 2017. BEST FEATURE. BEST FANTASY
• Co-Writer. Creative Coconut Productions. Professor Crackitt’s Laboratory. 2017
• ReviewPanel CINEQUEST Screenwriting Contest. 2016 –
• Review Panel D.C. SHORTS 2020
Celebrity interviews and PR for MizHollywood.

• Head Writer HHTV, Trick Up My Sleeve. 2015-2016
• Semi-Finalist, Table Read My Screenplay, Calamity Jane: Queen of Spades – Hollywood. 2015
• Semi-Finalist, Screencraft Short Film Production Fund, Two-Minute Warning -2015

Co- writer – BlockStarz Music Television – Black-O-Scope with Teddy Lane Jr.-2015-2016
Co-writer – BlockStarz Music Television –Harriet and Roxanne: Tough Talk-2015-2016

PIXAR and the Craft of Storytelling. Master Class. Scott Myers. Screenwriting University. 2017
• PIXAR Emotional Core by Karl Iglesias. Screenwriting University. 2016
• Master Screenwriter Certificate, ProSeries graduate, BINGEWORTHY TV Screenwriting U 2011-2019

Editor-in-Chief, AZZARENKO. Men’s luxury lifestyle magazine.2014-2016
Screenplay adaptation of the book, ‘Still Fine at Forty’ by Dakota Madison (Karen M. Bryson) 2015
Screenplay adaptation of the book ‘Wilde Riders’ by Savannah Young (Karen M. Bryson) 2015
Frances Presley BlockStarz MusicTelevision. Speaking as a small producer, Pamela is a gem to work with. She acted quickly on my notes, emerged herself into the subject matter of our productions by doing extensive research, then crafted great scripts expeditiously. She’s a talented writer and an excellent team member.

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