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The Wait

About Project

Percy returns to the same spot every day to sit, watch and wait. Come rain or shine he never falters from his task. Even when Thandi, the leader of his community, tries to convince him to abandon his post Percy’s determination never wavers. All he has to do is wait.

Director Biography

Rik Langan is a midlands based writer, director and actor with over 10 years of experience working on productions big and small. In the past five years they have independently published several short films and worked with a host of local production companies on various projects.

Project Credits

Rik Langan – Director

Rik Langan – Writer

Alexander Butler – Key Cast”Percy”

Kelly Goudie-Price – Key Cast”Thandi”

Fiona Dunn – Key Cast”The Wife”

Nicole Shaw – 1st AD

Joel Anson – 2nd AD

Ian Reed – Dop

Kirill Fadeyev – Dop

Andy Wills – Sound recordist

Rafaela Mateus – SFX MUA

Chandra Walker – Composer

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