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Jim and Annie are celebrating 10 years of what he thinks is the perfect marriage, but her dark sexual secret from the past crashes violently into the present, leaving death and shattered lives.

Writer Biography – Jonathan James Izard


I’m an award-winning journalist, my BBC Radio 4 documentary about trauma ‘Meeting the Man I Killed’ won the ARIA (formerly Sony) for Best Factual Storytelling in 2018. Until recently I presented news bulletins on the BBC World Service. I have also been a psychotherapist in private practice. I had a novel published by HarperCollins, ‘The Bigger the Better’. I published an e-book: ‘Mel Pepper and the Meaning of Wife’. And I’m currently releasing an audiobook on Spotify, Audible, Apple and other platforms: ‘My Year of Bad Sex’ . It’s in 40 parts; as I write 8 are live, with new episodes available weekly. One reviewer said: ‘It’s not just about sex but love and loss, curiosity and courage. It’s funny, touching and surprising… beautifully written, the wit of Sedaris and the humanity of Maupin.’

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