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About Project

Twilight music video is about transformation, transcendence and acceptance. Bela coexists with her primal side and in this transformation, she is able to transcend and raise her voice in the universe. With this, many souls also transcend to a new dimension of absolute love.

This video reflects the encounter of a Divine Being; cultivating the Beauty at the highest level of spiritual qualities and expanding the twilight as a messenger of greater love of the Whole and in the universe. After Chaos on Earth there will be a new humanity.

Director Biography

Anaya, a multiawardwinning artist, (MSc,PhD,PostDoctor) is a timeless composer and ethereal vocalist passionate about elevating the human spirit through the power of music and universal vibration of love and peace.

Project Credits

Anaya Music – Director

Anaya Music – Writer

Anaya Music and Marcio Alves – Producer

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